Q & A: Wedding Night

What should I expect on my wedding night and first time sex?

Before marriage, you have to discuss family planning with your partner. Do a premarital check-up, visit a gynecologist, and read books together.
Also, a dental check-up is very important so that you both make sure that your breath is pleasant.

Be ready with towels, tissues and perhaps lubricant lotion next to your bed.

Do not expect to land on the moon in the wedding night! You both will be exhausted after a long wedding day, and a full sexual intrcourse will probably have to wait for another day.

Remember to breathe deeply whenever you feel confused or anxious. The lack of oxygen makes you feel worse and more nervous; which will negatively affect your sexual performance.

Explore each other’s bodies with your senses. Focus on caressing, kissing, and try oral sex.

Make sure that the wife is totally relaxed and that the husband is fully erect before attempting to have a full sexual intercourse.

It is not required to prove anything. It is not a battle and there are no winners or losers. If a full sexual intercourse for whatever reason did not happen, there is no problem, life is long ahead of you.

Laugh at any embarrassing sounds that might come out of your bodies.

Orgasm in women needs great patience, relaxation and concentration. It may not be easy to reach during the first attempts.

Due to being extremely excited, the husband might ejaculate too soon. The wife has to consider this as a compliment, since he probably could not resist her beauty and charm. Give him a loving smile and a hug, and wish him good luck next time 🙂

Wishing you love and happiness.