Q & A Vaginal Farts

Q: My vagina makes embarrassing sounds when I’m making love, or sometimes when walking. What is wrong with me?
Vaginal wind, queefing, vaginal flatus, vaginal farts can be very embarrassing, but they are a normal occurence that no one talks about.
Usually noisy vaginas are just a matter of cause and effect. If you push air in, it has to come out. And, as it escapes, it makes that sound. Sometimes this can happen immediately after the air’s been pushed in, sometimes it can be a while later with laughing, coughing or walking, when press with your abdominal muscles/diaphragm and force the air out.

Vaginas aren’t quiet during these activities because they involve air being pushed inside you. During sex, a pelvic exam, if you’re inserting a cap, cup, or tampon, a female condom. even while doing exercise like Pilates, you might suck air into the vagina and experience this vaginal wind.
This phenomenon can also happen after certain medical treatments for the female reproductive system.
Vaginal wind could also be related to pelvic floor problems, caused by childbirth for example.

How to quieten the queef
If you want to reduce vaginal wind during sex, avoid lots of deep and fast penetration. Also, oral sex that includes blowing air into the vagina is not recommended in this case.
If you haven’t had sex before, or not had sex for a while, you may notice your vagina can be particularly windy – which can feel awkward when you have a new partner.
It’s worth remembering while some people are shocked by vaginal farts, others are turned on by them. So, the main message here is to understand that this is a natural occurence, and you can use this for the benefit of your partner’s ego, by saying for example: “See, my vagina is screaming of happiness” 😀
When to worry
Vaginal farts are very normal and not a sign there’s something wrong with you. However, seek medical advice if you have vaginal or abdominal pain during and after sex, notice y our vagina smells bad, or there’s an unusual discharge, like blood, urine, or stools.

Vaginal wind is not a sign of:
poor genital hygiene
having a sexually transmitted infection
having had multiple partners

If a partner dislikes it or believes it’s a sign there’s something bad about you, this says more about their lack of awareness than it does about you.

So what to do when it happens during sex?
Now that you and your partner know the science behind vaginal farts, if it happens, just Shake it off, carry on and ignore it , or just laugh about it and say: “She says thank you!” 🙂 All the best.