Q & A: Pleasing Husband

How can I make my husband more excited during our intimate relationship?

Lovely that you would like to please your husband in bed. The first and most important thing you must be consistent with, is to always pay attention to your personal hygiene.

Before sex, the couple should take a shower and have good oral and genital hygiene. The “center of emotions” in the brain is adjacent to the center of smell, and that is why you have to be aware that your body odor must be pleasant and attractive to your husband, and vice versa, of course. Choose a body fragrance that is as light as possible; strong perfumes put men off.

Men love encouragement and praise. Tell him how wonderful he is and how much he makes you happy. Some men like role playing. So, for example, you do as if you’ve just recently met, and you get to know each other for the first time, or as if you were his nurse in a hospital, or a saleswoman in a shop, and so on.

Take up the characters that you will have chosen together. Tell him things that fit the plot. This will make him more excited. Also, try to change locations and positions of sexual intercourse. And remember that exercise, especially yoga, will make you more flexible and self-confident, so that you would be able to make the sexual experience more pleasurable to yourself and your spouse.

Men also like receiving light massage on the testicles during the penetration process. Gently hold the testicles with one hand give them your magical touch by repeatedly pressing then releasing, I repeat, very gently.

You can also press with the back of your fingers on the perineum (the area between the penis and the anus); something that causes stimulation to the internal part of the penis as well as the prostate, which will leave the husband feeling extra pleasure.

During full penetration; you can try squeezing your pelvic floor muscles several times (Kegel exercise), so that the husband would feel an extra tightness around the penis, thus adding to his joy (and yours).

Finally, the use of lubricants can facilitate the experience and make it more enjoyable for some couples. Give them a shot!