Made famous Egyptian doctor resident in Switzerland Alia serious formal request to the competent authorities in Saudi Arabia to block its account and YouTube for Saudi citizens desire to get rid of the obscene insults which they received from the UK. Dr. Alia serious activist known across social networks which is specialized in health education […]

The Islamic State has visibly attracted young Muslims from all over the world to its violent movement to build a caliphate in Iraq and Syria. But here’s what’s less visible — the online backlash against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS and ISIL, by young Muslims declaring their opposition to rule by Islamic law, […]

Health education through social networking sites

A growing social media conversation in Arabic is calling for the implementation of Sharia, or Islamic law, to be abandoned.

Discussing religious law is a sensitive topic in many Muslim countries. But on Twitter, a hashtag which translates as “why we reject implementing Sharia” has been used 5,000 times in 24 hours. The conversation is mainly taking place in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The debate is about whether religious law is suitable for the needs of Arab countries and modern legal systems.


  In a country where taboos are the rule, Alyaa Gad breaks the silence. At a distance but keeping Egypt in her heart, she answers embarrassing questions about sexuality and health. “How do I do it? put on a very serious face and talk science with confidence. And it works!” Alyaa’s project offers easy-to-understand health educational videos discussing first […]