Q & A: Pleasing Wife

How do I make my wife enjoy our intercourse session and orgasm fast?

The most important thing is patience, and knowing the erogenous zones outside as well as the inside the vagina. Remember that the most sensual point in a woman’s body is the clitoris, which is located outside of the vagina, and usually can not be stimulated by contact with the penis only. It often requires the use of the mouth and fingers for ultimate pleasure.

If the wife is circumcised, you can particularly try to stimulate her body at the breast area and between the thighs, or wherever she likes on her body.

Start the foreplay for a period longer than a quarter of an hour, before attempting to enter the penis into the vagina, so that you would make sure that she is getting closer to her orgasm along with yours.

Foreplay includes kissing, hugging, and oral sex. Do this for quite some time until you feel that the wife approaching orgasm, and then you can introduce the penis into the vagina and climax together.

Do not forget that women enjoy a more intimate relationship when you are being nice to them during the day. A kiss and a hug during the day will make her enjoy your company more at night.

My admiration goes to your desire to please your wife. May all the love and happiness come your way together.