Egyptian doctor in Switzerland demanding Saudi authorities to block the youtube channel for Saudi Arabia to get rid of curses ..!

Made famous Egyptian doctor resident in Switzerland Alia serious formal request to the competent authorities in Saudi Arabia to block its account and YouTube for Saudi citizens desire to get rid of the obscene insults which they received from the UK.

Dr. Alia serious activist known across social networks which is specialized in health education and simplification of Medical Sciences, and aims to raise health and education awareness in Egypt and the Arab world through calculated in YouTube and network Twitter site, but it is facing a major offensive continuous and insults from some Saudis who drowned pages comments impolite.

Revealed serious cross calculated in Twitter that it had received a polite response from the Saudi official apologizing for what the right of harm and guided through which to send the request to the competent authority, “the Telecommunications Authority” which she did desire to overcome what hinders its awareness directed to the Arab world in general.