Healthy Penis

How can you maintain the health of your penis? The penis is the male sexual organ. It serves an important rule for your sexual pleasure as well as being a conduit for urine and semen, so it is important that you know how to keep it healthy.

Basically the penis is made up of smooth muscles (like tissues). They are formed together like a sponge. And there’s a lot of blood vessels and skin involved. These muscles need training. And to train a muscle we need to move it. Having frequent erections is a good sign, which means that the penile muscles are continuously training to be strong.

The problem arises if you’re getting too many erections without intercourse or ejaculation. If you are single, masturbation can be a way to relieve the too frequent erections. Care should be taken not to do it violently and to avoid pressing too hard, which may cause it to be painful or cause injury to the penis. Violent masturbation may event turn into an addiction, in a way that after getting married you might find that you are not getting the pleasure that you used to have when masturbating. That’s why it’s important to avoid being violent when masturbating.

The second problem is that some young men might have the so-called blue balls, which means congested genitals, due to the repeated erections without intercourse. Solutions include masturbation or having sex, which will probably relieve the problem. There’s also a solution called Valsalva maneuver, with which you block your mouth using your finger, while blowing out. This will press down the abdominal organs and relieve the pain and improve the circulation to the genitals.

In order to have a healthy penis I’d recommend that you practise 30 minutes of exercise daily, like walking after eating, either outdoors with your friends or indoors by walking in place. Besides, there are several YouTube videos illustrating healthy exercises that you can benefit from.

Protect your penis from being hit, during football matches for example, as this may affect the penis in function and in shape, too.

Those who have sex and are under the age of 26, I’d recommend that you get HPV vaccine. This vaccine will protect you, and your future wife, too, from human papillomavirus infection.

When should you see a doctor? When you notice rash on your penis, or there’s presence of numerous spreading bruises, surrounding the penis, or if you notice the presence of unusual discharge with a different colour or unpleasant odour, or having any burning sensation during urination. Sometimes seamen colour and viscosity may change from white to yellow, which is okay. However, if the colour changes to red, brown, blue or green, then you need to consult your doctor. If you notice a change in the shape of your penis, if it becomes more curved in way that may affect your sexual life, you should consult your doctor.

Before getting married, I’d recommend that all young men undergo a pre-marital health-check, to ensure that they have healthy genitals, and bodies as well.

I wish you good health!

Alyaa Gad