Eating with Acne

Recent research indicates a link between the food we eat and getting acne.

Hormones, especially testosterone and insulin are thought to be responsible for most cases of acne.

Dairy products may cause a rise in your testosetrone levels, and refined sugars increase your insulin.

In some cases, food allergy may worsen the case of acne, causing it to flare up.

You also need to know that some medications may be causing your acne.

So what can you do to help clear your acne via a proper diet?

First you need to limit foods with high gylcemic index: soft drinks, white flower and refined sugars.

Then you should cut down on the dairy products: see if milk may be causing your acne to flare up. If you see a connection, eliminat the milk from your diet.

Eat vitamin A- and C-rich foods: brightly colored vegetables and citrus fruits are your best sources.

Eat foods rich in vitamin B6: like fish, beans, lentils, avocados

Go for zinc: you will find it in seafood and whole grains.

Omega-3 will help you balance your hormones and ward off the inflammation. You will find lost of it in salmon, walnuts, and flaxseed.

Also, a piece of ginger a day, willl do miracles to your skin.

So does chocolate really caue acne? It’s actually the dairy and sugar in it that cause the problem.

don’t forget to drink enough water to flush out the toxins and give your skin a beautiful healthy glow.

See a dermatolgist for best medications to treat your acne.

All the best!

Alyaa Gad