Erectile Dysfunction

Absent or weak erection is a problem that many men may face at a certain point in their lives. Every man knows his body and in case of absent erection this can be due to physical exhaustion. However, if this problem affects your sex life, then we must identify the cause and treat it accordingly.

First of all, you must know that there is a close relation between the nervous system, circulatory system and reproductive system. The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord and nerves. The circulatory system consists of the heart and blood vessels. And the reproductive system contains the penis and other organs.

Let’s start by the causes related to the nervous system that may cause erection difficulties. Basically psychological stress – not sleeping well, depression, marriage trouble and thinking and worrying too much – can cause erection difficulties. Or sometimes its absence for a long time

The second cause can be due to brain tumors or an injured spinal cord, either due to an accident or after undergoing surgery for a herniated intervertebral disc. In such cases erection can be absent. If you experience erection difficulties after surgery, consult your doctor.

Another cause will be medications that affect the nervous system, such as antidepressants or illegal drugs, can affect also your ability of having an erection.

Concerning the circulatory system, what are the factors that may affect your blood vessels? Why is this topic important?

Let me first explain how erection occurs. As you can see here, inside the penis there is a sponge-like space that has many blood vessels, which get filled with blood. Blood is then retained in that space and erection occurs. If blood vessels are affected, you will notice that erection weakens.

When does that happen? This usually happens when you’re living an unhealthy lifestyle, as when you smoke or eat excessively fatty meals, live a sedentary life or if you have uncontrolled diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease that you can live with normally, provided that you live a healthy lifestyle and stick to your medications. If you fail to do so, complications will occur, and one of these complications is erectile dysfunction.

If you have heart diseases because of poor circulation, hypertension or use antihypertensive drugs or histaminic drugs, all these will affect your circulation

Remember that drinking alcohol excessively can weaken your erections

When you consult your doctor regarding erection difficulties he will do several tests:

  • Blood test
  • Semen analysis
  • Urine analysis
  • Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound

One of these tests to check for erections, is done by wrapping a tape around the penis and leaving it overnight, so that your doctor would check for erections. It actually checks the morning erection. If erection occurs and it was shown on the tape as indicated by your doctor, then the cause of erectile dysfunction is probably psychological or due to exhaustion. However, if no erection occurs then there must be a pathological cause and should be dealt with. Your doctor will check for your blood pressure, blood glucose level, kidney functions and other tests. It is crucial to identify the cause of erectile dysfunction and treat it.

I’d like to stress here that erections can be absent for a while during periods of physical and/or mental exhaustion. But usually erections are regained after a while. If the problem persists or starts to affect your marriage then you must consult your doctor.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction mainly depends on changing your lifestyle to a healthy one. You should avoid smoking, sleep well, treat any psychological disorders, and if the problem persists I’d recommend that you consult your doctor. Your doctor will ask you about affecting psychological factors and you might need some medications, and some tests will be done as well.

In my opinion, living a healthy lifestyle will solve the problem in most cases. Avoid smoking and eating excessively fatty meals, and if you’re overweight, please reduce your weight. Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed to consult your doctor whenever you need help!

We wish you good health and all the best!

Alyaa Gad

Loss of Libido in Women After Childbirth

Loss of libido in women after giving birth is a common condition and many women may be ashamed of discussing it. It can cause a lot of problems in the relationship with your partner. That’s why I’d like to discuss it here with you in this video.

In order to treat the loss of libido we must first identify the cause, and solve it in order to restore back your health. It is normal for a mother to focus on her baby right after giving birth. And it is normal to lose interest in anything else for some weeks. This is due to the effect of certain hormones that your body makes so as to bond with your baby. However, after a couple of months you should regain your healthy interest in sexuality and intimacy with your husband.

If you notice the persistence of loss of libido over a long time this could be due to either physical or psychological reasons.

Physical causes are mainly due to the deficiency of certain elements, especially iron or vitamin D. These two elements may become deficient during breastfeeding and pregnancy, as they pass on to the baby. So our baby’s stores of these elements are decreased. I would recommend that if you suspect a deficiency in any of these elements, for example if you feel exhausted or have loss of libido or other shortness of breath symptoms, do a blood test for iron and vitamin D3. A blood test may show a deficiency of any of them, and in this case you may have to restore these elements using supplements.

Another problem that occurs with pregnancy is that pregnancy may cause thyroid gland disorders. The thyroid gland is responsible for the body’s metabolism, and when its activities decrease, you may feel out of energy and lose your sexual desire.

If you are using any medications, particularly antidepressants, it can cause loss of libido and delayed reactions. If you are taking any medications I’d recommend that you read the pamphlets to check what side effects they may cause, and when needed discuss the alternatives with your doctor.

Psychological stress and marriage problems can cause loss of sexual desire. If you have any problems with your husband – because of giving the baby all your interest, for example – then you may feel not interested in being with him. I’d recommend that you work on solving these problems, either by reading books or seeking counselling. It is very important to solve any psychological problems in order to have your healthy libido back.

Now I will talk to you about the requirements needed to solve the loss of libido after birth, using supplements.

First of all, any nutritional deficiency should be treated. For example, if you have any iron deficiency, I would suggest that you eat more fresh vegetables, salads and meat. If iron remains deficient I’d recommend that you take iron supplements. Supplements may contain only iron or some elements added like folic acid and vitamin C. Folic acid is very important for building the red cell wall. And vitamin C helps in iron absorption. So both are very good. Might you not be getting enough sunlight or have vitamin D deficiency, I’d recommend that you take vitamin D3 supplements, as this will compensate the deficient vitamin D and gradually you will have a remarkable improvement in your overall health and sense of well-being. Vitamin D is very important. If you’ve been taking oral iron supplement for a long period of time with no improvement, your doctor might prescribe iron injections, which will have a faster influence on your iron levels. Talk to your doctor about it.

Finally if you’re healthy enough you can always try Viagra. It’s as effective in women as in men since it improves your sexual performance. You can also apply testosterone cream. This cream can be applied on the vaginal opening. But remember: testosterone is the male hormone and it has some side effects. So do not apply it on the skin, only on the vaginal opening before sexual intercourse. A small amount is applied to the vagina, as illustrated here, and you will feel an improvement in your sexual desire.

Do not feel ashamed to discuss with your doctor any health problems you may have. You deserve to live a happy life.

With all my best regards!

Alyaa Gad

Healthy Penis

How can you maintain the health of your penis? The penis is the male sexual organ. It serves an important rule for your sexual pleasure as well as being a conduit for urine and semen, so it is important that you know how to keep it healthy.

Basically the penis is made up of smooth muscles (like tissues). They are formed together like a sponge. And there’s a lot of blood vessels and skin involved. These muscles need training. And to train a muscle we need to move it. Having frequent erections is a good sign, which means that the penile muscles are continuously training to be strong.

The problem arises if you’re getting too many erections without intercourse or ejaculation. If you are single, masturbation can be a way to relieve the too frequent erections. Care should be taken not to do it violently and to avoid pressing too hard, which may cause it to be painful or cause injury to the penis. Violent masturbation may event turn into an addiction, in a way that after getting married you might find that you are not getting the pleasure that you used to have when masturbating. That’s why it’s important to avoid being violent when masturbating.

The second problem is that some young men might have the so-called blue balls, which means congested genitals, due to the repeated erections without intercourse. Solutions include masturbation or having sex, which will probably relieve the problem. There’s also a solution called Valsalva maneuver, with which you block your mouth using your finger, while blowing out. This will press down the abdominal organs and relieve the pain and improve the circulation to the genitals.

In order to have a healthy penis I’d recommend that you practise 30 minutes of exercise daily, like walking after eating, either outdoors with your friends or indoors by walking in place. Besides, there are several YouTube videos illustrating healthy exercises that you can benefit from.

Protect your penis from being hit, during football matches for example, as this may affect the penis in function and in shape, too.

Those who have sex and are under the age of 26, I’d recommend that you get HPV vaccine. This vaccine will protect you, and your future wife, too, from human papillomavirus infection.

When should you see a doctor? When you notice rash on your penis, or there’s presence of numerous spreading bruises, surrounding the penis, or if you notice the presence of unusual discharge with a different colour or unpleasant odour, or having any burning sensation during urination. Sometimes seamen colour and viscosity may change from white to yellow, which is okay. However, if the colour changes to red, brown, blue or green, then you need to consult your doctor. If you notice a change in the shape of your penis, if it becomes more curved in way that may affect your sexual life, you should consult your doctor.

Before getting married, I’d recommend that all young men undergo a pre-marital health-check, to ensure that they have healthy genitals, and bodies as well.

I wish you good health!

Alyaa Gad

When to See a Gynecologist

An obstetrics and gynecology doctor does not only treat married or pregnant women. You can also visit a gynecologist before marriage. Your gynecologist will help you understand your body better, in order to have a healthier life. Do not worry! No physical examination will be conducted without your informed consent.

When should you consult a gynecologist?

If there’s abnormal vaginal discharge with unpleasant odor, even after using home remedies, then you should visit a doctor. If you have excessive bleeding between periods, and if you feel tired or have had fainting episodes you should consult your doctor.

Also, before starting a family, make sure to visit the gynecologist to make sure that everything is normal. A premarital health checkup is very important for early detection and treatment of any possible problems before marriage and pregnancy.

During pregnancy you should regularly follow up with a gynecologist. It’s very important to check on your child’s health throughout the pregnancy.

If your mother and/or grandmother have had breast cancer or uterine cancer before the age of menopause you should follow up with a gynecologist for early detection of the disease.

If you suffer from pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse, this is not normal and you should visit a gynecologist.

If you suddenly notice a chance in the hair distribution on the body, e.g. excessive hair on the face or chest, these are abnormal changes, and that indicates the presence of hormonal imbalance, and you must consult your doctor.

I wish you happiness and good health!

Alyaa Gad

Female Reproductive System

The female reproductive system is a group of organs responsible for reproduction (that’s making babies). They are mainly present in the woman’s lower abdomen. In order to understand the disorders and diseases, we should first know the anatomy – that’s the structure – and physiology – that’s the function – of these organs. We should know what’s normal before you know what’s abnormal. And I will be discussing some normal aspects of the female reproductive system in this video.

In this illustration the model stands in the standard anatomical position, and the reproductive system is seen here in the lower abdomen. Also there are two section views of the reproductive system.

One is longitudinal/frontal, and here we are looking at the inside of a woman’s body from the front side. We can see the uterus – or womb –, which is similar to a goat’s head with two horns. These horns are the fallopian tubes, which transport the egg – or the ovum – that comes out from the nearby ovaries. Also, there are two ovaries, one on each side, attached to the uterus by bands – or ligaments. We can also see the thick uterine wall, which contains muscles all over the interior side. And it’s called the endometrium. The endometrium is where the growing baby, or the foetus, gets implanted, like a small seed, and that’s where the placenta starts to form.

There’s also a side-view of the uterus. As if we’ve cut an orange into two halves and now are looking from the side on the inside of it. This side-view shows additional organs, and I will explain more on this model. As we can see on the side-view of the female pelvis, this is the frontal abdominal wall that consists of skin, fat and muscles, and this is the backside, where the buttocks are. Down there are the reproductive organs that we will talk about.

Parts 11 and 12 are labia minora and labia majora respectively. Along with the clitoris – number 13 – they are rich in nerve endings, which are responsible for sexual pleasure. At the vaginal opening you’ll find two small glands that you will not normally feel unless they get swollen or inflamed. These are called the Bartholin’s Glands, which lubricate the vagina by producing secretions called mucus. Around these external organs you’ll find hairs that mechanically protect the reproductive system from microbes and harmful elements. That pubic hair also carries the personal smell of the pheromones that make a woman attractive to her partner.

We see here the vagina – and you will notice that it’s going up and leaning slightly backward – and then the uterus. Right inside the vagina there’s the hymen, which is a membrane and can be sometimes not very easy to locate. It is not easy to break the hymen with the daily activities like sports, and sometimes it doesn’t rupture at all until your first vaginal childbirth.

Up here we have the cervix of the uterus. Did you notice that the vagina is leaning backwards and then the uterus is resting forwards? Why do we need to know that? A different uterine position can affect the woman’s fertility and is an abnormality or a defect that is probably present since birth.

Also during pregnancy, when the uterus is enlarged, you will find that the uterus is pressing on the urinary bladder, and this may cause frequent urination and sometimes bladder infections.

The myometrium of the uterus – that’s the muscle layer – is the layer of the uterus where the smooth muscle tumours, known as fibroids or myomas, will originate. These tumours are fairly common, especially in African and Middle-Eastern countries. It is important to know that myomas may affect your fertility and the continuation of your pregnancy. Also, myomas or fibroids in non-pregnant women can cause problems. They can cause heavy periods or press against the rectum and cause chronic constipation. That’s why if you’re a lady and you’re complaining from chronic constipation, I’d recommend that you consult your gynaecologist to rule out the presence of uterine fibroids.

Fallopian tubes and ovaries – not illustrated here tough – are also important reproductive organs. Here we have the ovary, which contains many eggs called ova – that’s the plural of ovum.

All these will be discussed in the coming videos related to women’s health. Stay with us for more on the subject.

I wish you good health!

Alyaa Gad

Male Condom

The male condom is used to serve three purposes: To prevent pregnancy, to prevent most sexually transmitted diseases and in the treatment of premature ejaculation, by applying the medication on the penis and then putting on the condom.

It’s important that you know the correct way of using the condom, so I decided to explain it here in this video.

Condoms are made of latex, which may originate from rubber or plastic, but in both cases it is known as a latex condom. If you decide to buy a condom make sure the following:

First of all check the expiry date, because expired ones should not be used since they may break easily. If there’s no expiry date do not buy it! Also check whether the condom size suits your penis size. Secondly, when you press on it, inside the package, make sure that there is an air bubble inside, which means that it’s safe to use. If there is no air bubble it means that the package is probably broken.

When you open it, do not use your nails, your teeth or any sharp tools. If you’re travelling place it in your bag away from sharp objects. Open it along the easy tear side, and not from the centre, till you tear it completely. Then take it out.

You’ll find a part protruding from which you should hold it from and pinch it between two fingers. Make sure that the entire reservoir-area is well squeezed, to prevent air pockets. Now check that the edge is rolled to the outside. You’ll put it on after full erection, never put it on flaccid penis. Never use it before erection occurs. Pull it downwards using your hand while you’re holding the top part with your other hand, as this will be the space for collection of semen. If you are uncircumcised place the condom on the tip of the penis with one hand and gently pull back the foreskin, then continue rolling down the condom. Note that this model is used for educational purposes and it’s not the size of the normal penis. You should roll the condom till it reaches the base of the penis. You may need to remove the pubic hair apart to give space for the condom. Hold the base part of the penis when entering the vagina. After ejaculation withdraw from the vagina during having a full erection. Remove the condom as illustrated. Pull it from the top part with one hand while helping to roll it up and preventing spilling with the other hand. You can tie it up and place it in a tissue paper and throw it in a garbage can – not in the toilet.

While using a condom you can use medication as prescribed by your doctor. You can also use lubricant gel, but make sure it’s water based and never oil or petroleum based. Here are three kinds of lubricant gels that are made of aloe vera and are available at the local pharmacy. Aloe vera gels are not only used during sex but can also be used for some skin conditions and sunburns. Always make sure that you use water-based gels when using condoms. You can either apply the gel directly on the penis before putting on the condom – but use a very little amount – or you can apply it on the outside of the condom so that it will help in moisturizing the vagina.

I wish you good health!

Alyaa Gad

Penis Size

One of the things that many young men start to worry about around the time of their puberty is the size of their penis. It is wrong to take what you see in pornographic movies as a reference, because what you see in these films isn’t the natural size. You see men with extra large sizes, with abnormal penis shapes and they are higher to act in such films which are definitely not the average man walking around. That’s why I’d recommend that you read more about sexual health by browsing reliable site on the Internet or reading sexology books from your local library. Make sure that you read from trusted scientific sources.

Concerning the natural penis size there are actually two aspects. There’s the length and there’s the diameter. The length isn’t that important, because in order to sexually arouse a woman you will have to stimulate her clitoris and her outer body parts like the skin and the labia, and in order to reach the G-Spot, which is present inside the vagina, but very close to the opening, you will reach it anyway, doesn’t matter how big your penis is. You just have to learn what positions you take in order to be able to.

Sexual pleasure in women has little to do with the penis length. However, it may be related to its diameter. But we still have to keep in mind that women’s bodies change after giving birth and with getting older. That’s why it’s more important to focus on how you do the sex, rather than worry about your anatomy.

The normal penis length reaches from 10 to 15 centimetres. That’s 4 to 6 inches. And this differs in erect state and non-erect state.

There are two types of men. There’s the shower and there’s the grower. When your penis is flaccid, or non-erect, and the penis looks big, and then when it goes erect and it doesn’t show a big difference, we call you a shower. The other type, they have a small penis and it grows much bigger with erections, and these we call the growers.

So it’s more important that you know how to sexually satisfy your girlfriend or wife rather than focusing on the size of your penis.

Some men shave the pubic hair so that the penis would look bigger, and this really works as it visually adds some centimetres to the length of the penis.

Please note that a large part of the penis is embedded inside your body. As you can see here, there’s the root of the penis which extends into the inside of the body, which means that your sexual pleasure is not only depending on the external part of the penis but also depends on the inner part, that you can reach by pressing on the perineum, which is the area between the testicles and the anal opening. This inner part can add to your sexual pleasure.

Always remember that the penis size is not the only factor for your sexual pleasure.

In some men the penis can be small, less than 7 centimetres / 3 inches, and we call it in this case a micro-penis. In such cases I’d recommend consulting a doctor. Surgery can be done for penis enlargement, but it’s not suitable for all cases as it may weaken your erections. So avoid doing it for cosmetic purposes and make sure that it’s suitable and the only way to treat your problem. You may also hear about penis enlargement products, either online or from friends or in ads. Most of them don’t really work. The only trusted way to enlarge your penis is to seek medical advice.

One thing to add here is that some young men might be unhappy about the penis shape, especially when it looks a little bit bent. Remember, if your penis looks like a banana and the curvature is in any direction it’s fine, it’s normal. However, if the curvature looks near to a right angle, then it’s abnormal, and it may affect your sexual life. A surgeon should be able to help you.

One more tip: Avoid hitting the penis, because such trauma may cause the penis to change in shape. And also advise your son to take care while playing with other children.

Do not use pornographic material as a reference for information, because it will leave you frustrated and misinformed.

I wish you good health!

Alyaa Gad

Male Reproductive System

All men should be fully aware of the structure and functions of their reproductive system, because this can prevent the occurrence of several health problems. If you know how your body functions you will know how to protect it and keep it healthy. So I’ll be sharing some hopefully useful information about he male reproductive system in this video.

The male sexual organs have two main functions. One is to produce sperms for the purpose of reproduction. Two is to produce the male hormones, mainly the testosterone. You are able to reproduce because your brain makes certain hormones that stimulate your reproductive system to produce sperms and testosterone.

Using this model I will explain the structure and function of each organ in the male reproductive system. Most sexual male organs are present outside the body, and this requires more caution so as to protect them from harm.

Starting with the testes – you normally have two of them. And they are responsible for producing mainly the male hormone testosterone. They are present in a sack outside the body, known as the scrotum. The scrotum maintains a lower temperature and contains smooth muscles. When you are sick or feverish, this muscles work to distance the testes away from your trunk, or, so to say the centre of your body, so that the testes remain at a cooler temperature, which is important to preserve a healthy sperm production process. That’s why I’d advise men to avoid sitting for long periods of time with the laptop or notebook on their laps; because it decreases the sperm activity and may cause infertility due to exposure to thermal radiation from those computers.

A small tube knows as the epididymis arises from each testis. Its function is to store the fresh sperms until their maturation. The testis is surrounded by a network of blood vessels, in which some patients might suffer from varicose veins that could affect their fertility. The epididymis is important for sperm maturation and transport from the testis to the penis. Let me show you its course. It starts from right behind the testis and moves upwards, winding around the urinary bladder and then goes into this gland, know as the prostate. The prostate, together with the small neighbouring glands called the seminal vesicles, secrete a sugary fluid in which the sperms swim. This fluid nourishes sperms and allows for the transport thru the urethra within the penis, and finally to the outside of the body.

Concerning the penis; it actually starts from the inside of your body, here. You will notice that there’s a large part of it present inside the abdomen. And there is its outer part. So anatomically the penis is formed from three parts: the root of the penis, inside the abdomen, the body of the penis, and the head of the penis, which contains a small opening for passing urine and semen. Inside the penis you will notice a spongy structure that contains numerous small blood vessels, which get filled with blood; and as a result, erection occurs. So erection is actually a collection of retained blood within the penis. That’s why if you’d like to have a stronger erection you should maintain a healthy state of your blood vessels. How? By living a healthy lifestyle, doing regular exercise, avoiding eating unhealthy fats and avoiding smoking. As you can see, the end of the penis has a bulging end, which is called the head of the penis; and this contains numerous nerve endings responsible for sexual pleasure.

Concerning the part of the penis inside the body, it is called the root of the penis. This part can add to your sexual pleasure, if stimulated by your partner. If you have a normal prostate and you would like to have a prostatic massage during sex, your partner should press against the skin between the scrotum and the anal opening. This area is called the perineum. By doing this you get to stimulate both the root of the penis and the prostate, which would add to your sexual pleasure. But please keep in mind that you can do this only if you have no prostate disorders.

So, like I said before, the male hormone testosterone, is produced by the testes, and there are other hormones produced by the brain to stimulate the sperm production. They’re called the FSH and the LH. If you have fertility problems and you consult a doctor, your doctor will check three hormones: FSH, LH and testosterone.

Now I will illustrate the shape of a normal sperm. Sperms have three parts: Head, body and tail. The head contains the nucleus that will fertilize the egg. And the tail is responsible for sperm movement towards the egg. This is important to know before talking about fertility problems, in the coming videos.

Finally, concerning the epididymis– you will find it here more clearly– it arises from here, moving forwards and upwards, around the urinary bladder, into the prostate and the penis. That’s why if prostatic enlargement occurs, it will cause problems during urination and ejaculation.

Take good care of your health when you’re young, so you would protect your health when you’re old. Prevention is always better than cure.

I wish you good health!

Alyaa Gad