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First Aid: Choking

If someone chokes and cannot breathe, you should be prepared to help. What should you do? Choking means that the air passages are blocked. It should be treated immediately to save the victim’s life. Signs of choking include coughing, noisy breathing, waving for help, inability to talk or turning blue. As soon as you notice […]

Cat Shower!

I would like to explain to you what I would call a “cat shower”, which you can do very quickly if there is not enough water available for a full shower or if you don’t have enough time or if you’re bedridden or for a baby when the weather is cold. You will need: 2 […]

Constipation in Babies

Constipation in babies leads to many problems. That’s why we must always be aware of the pattern of their bowel movements. Every day we should watch our child’s bowel movements. Normally she would pass stools everyday, but if there’s no defecation for more than three days and you’re noticing that your baby is suffering, this […]

Head Lice

Head lice are annoying insects as small as sesame seeds. They affect particularly children and people living in big crowds. It’s highly contagious and can spread on school children and then to their families and can be difficult to get rid of. In this video I have some advice for you to get rid of […]

Managing Waste

Managing waste is teamwork. Accumulation of waste is a major problem that can be solved only if individuals have proper environmental awareness to cooperate with their governments. This will decrease the amount of waste and will reduce its impact on our environment. Toxic waste may be absorbed into the ground and then gets into plants, […]

First Aid Box

A first aid kit should be available everywhere we go. In the home, in our car, when we go on holiday… We should be fully aware of its content and replace the missing items on regular basis. In this video I’ll explain more about the contents of a first aid kit. You can buy a […]

Male Reproductive System

All men should be fully aware of the structure and functions of their reproductive system, because this can prevent the occurrence of several health problems. If you know how your body functions you will know how to protect it and keep it healthy. So I’ll be sharing some hopefully useful information about he male reproductive […]


What is a derma roller? It’s a rolling device that involves rolling many tiny needles over the skin. “Derma” means “skin” and a roller rolls! As we see here it consists of a roller head covered with tiny sharp needles that penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen production and help in regaining its healthy look. […]