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Testicular Self Exam

TSE or Testicular Self Examination is a way to examine your testes to find out if they have a normal or an abnormal condition. We actually check for lumps or any swellings or abnormalities in the testes and an early detection can save your life. So if you do it once a month and if […]


So, what is the menopause? Menopause stands for “menstruation stopping”. “Meno” → menstruation, “pause” → pausing. All women will experience menopause at a certain point of their life, as they get older. It means that your ovaries are actually shrinking, producing less and less estrogen, that’s the female hormone. The ovaries are also losing their main function […]

Daughters and Puberty

Our children grow so fast. One day they’re babies and next day they’re going through puberty. This video is about preparing your daughter to go through puberty in a peaceful and healthy way. You have to start early. The first thing you have to do is start at the age of four, telling your daughters […]

Vitamin D

I’d like to explain to you the importance of vitamin D for our body. Vita is life, amin is protein. So a vitamin is a very important for our lives. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means that if you don’t have enough fat in your body or if you don’t eat enough fat […]

Recovering from Antibiotics

“How to recover from antibiotics.” – What does that mean? If you’ve been treated with a course of antibiotics for a long or a short time, or if you’ve been using food that has antibiotics in it, without you knowing, or if you’ve been misusing antibiotics in any way, you might start to have health […]

Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is patches of thick, oily, skilly and flaky skin that you can find on the head, ears and eyebrows of the newborns. It could stay for months and usually disappears on its own. Although cradle cap is not harmful or contagious or painful to the newborn, many mothers are annoyed by its appearance. […]