About Alyaa Gad

Alyaa Gad is an Egyptian medical doctor, graduated at the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Cairo. After having worked with UNICEF in the healthcare-deprived areas of Upper Egypt, Alyaa decided to study health education in The Netherlands. She worked as a medical researcher and lecturer at several Dutch institutes, before settling down in Switzerland. She currently works in a general medicine clinic. In her free time, she works as an abstract artist in her studio. Alyaa is married and has two sons.

Goals of Afham.tv

  • 1. Spreading Health Education to prevent disease and its complications in the Arab World.

  • 2. Stressing the importance of prevention in a healthcare system.

  • 3. Explaining the role of individuals as an important part of a successful healthcare system in protecting the environment and general health.

  • 4. Increasing health awareness regarding mother and child health, and family relations.

  • 5. Clarifying the role of mental and psychological health in having a healthy individual.

  • 6. Explaining the different medical specialties.

  • 7. Answering embarrassing medical questions that many dare not ask due to cultural barriers.