Dr. Alyaa Gad, M.D.

About Alyaa Gad

Alyaa Gad is an Egyptian medical doctor, graduated at the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Cairo. After having worked with UNICEF in the healthcare-deprived areas of Upper Egypt, Alyaa decided to study health education in The Netherlands. She worked as a medical researcher and lecturer at several Dutch institutes, before settling down in Switzerland. She currently works in a general medicine clinic. In her free time, she works as an abstract artist in her studio. Alyaa is married and has two sons.

Goals of Afham.tv

  • 1. Spreading Health Education to prevent disease and its complications in the Arab World.

  • 2. Stressing the importance of prevention in a healthcare system.

  • 3. Explaining the role of individuals as an important part of a successful healthcare system in protecting the environment and general health.

  • 4. Increasing health awareness regarding mother and child health, and family relations.

  • 5. Clarifying the role of mental and psychological health in having a healthy individual.

  • 6. Explaining the different medical specialties.

  • 7. Answering embarrassing medical questions that many dare not ask due to cultural barriers.