Spreading Health Education to prevent disease
and its complications in the Arab World
Stressing the importance of prevention in a healthcare system
Explaining the role of individuals as an important part of a successful
healthcare system in protecting the environment and general health
Increasing health awareness regarding mother
and child health, and family relations
Clarifying the role of mental and psychological health
in having a healthy individual
Explaining the different medical specialties
Answering embarrassing medical questions
that many dare not ask due to cultural barriers

Welcome to iUnderstand.TV

Dedicated to Health Education for the Arab World

Health education is considered an important branch of preventive medicine, hence the work of iUnderstand team is based on increasing health awareness, so as to prevent disease and its complications.

iUnderstand.TV uses simple methods and tools to explain the information, so as to make it possible for health educators to reproduce the lessons in all health education settings: at home, school, hospital, clinic, and health unit.

iUnderstand site has sections discussing Family, First Aid, Diseases, Sexual Health, Beauty & Fitness, and Society. Additionally, a blog section is assigned for answering your questions.

The iUnderstand Team wishes you all health and happiness.